Gestalt therapy is very versatile. Just to name a few examples, I am available for people who would like support concerning…

  • Vague or concrete anxieties, fears, phobias
  • Topics surrounding mourning, grief and dying
  • Mood swings
  • The feeling of not understanding oneself sufficiently
  • Problems and questions concerning LGBT*+ and BDSM
  • Pending life changes and decisions
  • The desire to experience oneself as a coherent whole
  • The need to talk to a person who is not part of everyday life


In addition, I focus on the following topics:

Grief counselling

As a trained grief counsellor, I support people who come to me with topics related to illness, mortality, death and all forms of grief. People can for example mourn the death of another person or a loved one, the loss of a friendship or partnership or giving up on lifelong dreams and hopes. Mourning and grief are diverse and individual.

I am convinced that there is no “right” or “wrong” form of mourning and that empathic support in such difficult times can be very beneficial. However, it is important to me that the client comes to me out of their own free will. Of course, friends and family may suggest grief counselling to a mourning person.


Topics concerning pregnancy, birth, menopause etc.

When our body changes, many people find their perception of the body almost inevitably changes as well. Fears, or the feeling to be estranged from oneself may arise, resulting in the feeling of having to get to know oneself again. Unbridled joy and curiosity are also often part of such processes of change.

Many physical changes go hand in hand with life changes and transitions: they signal the end of a familiar life phase and the entry into a new one. Perhaps there is still confusion about how you want to shape your life or whether and how you want to meet expectations of others. You may miss support or have very practical fears.

Maybe you experience your body and situation quite differently from all the examples above.

I would be glad to accompany you on your individual journey to yourself, saying goodbye to things you want to let go, and accepting what can not be changed right now. I do not claim to know what is good for you any more than you do. Rather, I support you the way you need me to.


LGBT+*, polyamory and BDSM

Many people who live and love outside of heterosexuality, cis* and/or monogamy have a hard time finding a non-judgmental therapist. People in the BDSM scene face similar problems..

It is therefore all the more important for me to offer counselling without prejudice or pathologization. Often, clients are concerned with questions about coming-out, relationship-building and self-discovery as well as communication with other people in their lives. I would like to support you in that.

The decisive factor for me is always the individual psychological strain: If something is no problem for you, it is also no problem for me! I respect your perception and you decide for yourself what you want to work on, and where you see the need for change.