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Sometimes in life, we are looking for a much-needed change, dissatisfied or unhappy with our current situation. Sometimes we just feel stuck.

In other situations, we are faced with major or meaningful changes in life. In some cases, we had not hoped for them and have no choice but dealing with them. Sometimes it is merely the prospect of a decision to be made that frightens or worries us. Feelings like grief or anger may accompany those changes.

In other moments, we do not know what exactly is the matter. Maybe we are looking for meaning or a place where we feel at ease and able to relax.

It does not matter if you have a concrete topic you want to work with (e.g. bereavement, an eating disorder or burnout) or just a vague longing to understand yourself better.

For everyone who likes to explore and get to know themselves accompanied by someone non-judgmental, Gestalt therapy is a promising  approach.

With its playful yet authentic method, which respects and values the client’s unique emotions and life experiences, Gestalt therapy is an approach that knows no pathologizing and no stereotyped thinking.

Gestalt therapy in Gerlingen

I am Isabel, an English speaking counsellor located in Gerlingen in Stuttgart, southern Germany. I will use this page to introduce myself and explain my focus and Gestalt therapeutic work to you. Apart from classic Gestalt therapy, I also offer grief counselling and an LGBT*+-friendly atmosphere.

It is important to me to create a safe and protected environment, in which people can explore and experiment with themselves. I firmly believe that growth is bound to happen when safe spaces are provided and people feel understood and respected in their individuality. The therapeutic contact is based on empathy and respect for everyone.

I would gladly support you on your very own path.

Abstract art

Besides my therapeutic work, I also am an artist mainly working with acrylic, mixed media and metalworks. You will find examples of my work on the sub-page ART. If you would like more information on my artwork, quotes or an individual piece made just for you, do not hesitate to contact me.



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